A 1"x3" sticker. Features our magnificent logo as well as actually tells you what the logo represents in case you forgot. Or maybe you want other people to know what it represents. Well here is you chance!

Put it on a water bottle, put it on a wall, put it on your younger sibling, your older one, maybe you don't have siblings then put it on a friend. Put it on your aunt, uncle, any relative. Put it on yourself because maybe you've been secretly putting too many stickers on people and now there is a manhunt for you and to disguise yourself you put a ton of stickers on yourself so you can say "They got me too!"

Or put it on your laptop!

This is a durable, weatherproof, dishwasher safe sticker. Each sticker is printed on a thick scratch resistant vinyl with a protective laminate which should stand wind, rain, snow, and sunlight.

Vinyl VBS Logo and name sticker

SKU: STICK-000002
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