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The Varelse Bridge Society is an amalgamation of beings and entities from organizations of years past, new fledgling explorers and seekers, and more. Our goal is to have everyone reconnect members with their inherit Insouciance which has fallen to the wayside with the trials of their day to day lives.

As we undergo a shift in awareness and regain this Insouciance, we have been inspired by a great many different people, projects, and companies - ranging from immersive experience creators, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and many others.


Likewise, members of The Society have also created their own artworks, music, films, and other projects inspired by their experiences.

In this way, we are creating and engaging in an ever-growing realm of Insouciance. Each project is connected in some way to the works surrounding it by differing degrees of separation.

The following list is comprised of just a few of the entities that The Varelse Bridge Society resonates with greatly.

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